First Impression Home Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspection – This is the pioneer of all the home inspections. Buying a home isn't an easy decision. You may feel nervous, and with good reason. We want to make your house-buying experience as stress-free as possible. By conducting a thorough examination and analysis of its major systems, we can answer any questions you may have about the home's condition. We want to set your mind at ease before you make that final decision.

Pre-Listing Inspection - If you're selling your home, having the property inspected before it goes on the market is a great idea because it offers several advantages. You may decide if you want to fix any problems identified or make any improvements to the home and reflect them in the purchase price. That way, potential problems won't be used as a negotiating tool against you when the offers start coming in. With a pre-listing inspection, the home is more appealing to prospective purchasers as they will be more comfortable with your home.

Post-Purchase Inspection – Did you waive a home inspection in order to secure the purchase of your home? In today’s tough market, people are taking more risks to scoop up their dream home. The one thing people give up easily is the home inspection. Let us help you ease some of your anxiety with your new home by conducting a post-purchase home inspection. Any time after you take possession of your home, we will inspect your home the same way we would before a purchase. This will help you recognize any deficiencies that may have been missed and help you prioritize any future improvements.